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The Point, April 15, 2024: Alachua County revises book ban policy

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• WUFT News: Next chapter: Alachua County School Board implementing revised book ban review, but not without debate. "As Alachua County citizens debate the restrictions of certain books in the school system, the rub has shed light on the balance between protecting students and fostering a diverse community."

• WUFT News: Gainesville poetry slam raises cancer awareness. "Stanley is so committed to cancer awareness he even wrote a poem about getting a prostate exam, in the hopes of encouraging other men to do it."

• Mainstreet Daily News: Supervisor of Elections: Alachua voting outage lasted 5 minutes or less. "Though the city of Alachua ran its own election, it used the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections’ machines, and Barton said she wanted to clarify that the machines did not malfunction."

• WCJB: The Director of Sales for the Ocala Breeders’ Sale is charged with robbery. "A director for the Ocala Breeders’ Sale is being accused of snatching a bag from a PETA photographer while a horse was being put down."

• Mainstreet Daily News: From private company to city transit: RTS celebrates 50 years. "The RTS anniversary caps a week of back and forth between UF and Gainesville officials concerning the future of the system."

• WCJB: Cedar Key United Methodist Church completes renovations after Hurricane Idalia. "As hurricane season quickly approaches, some people on the coast are still picking up the pieces from Hurricane Idalia including the Cedar Key United Methodist Church whose renovations are finally completed."

• The Point Podcast: A hairy situation for Florida's insects. Monday's host, Ben Crosbie, speaks with Akito Kawahara, director of the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity, about the fuzzy caterpillars that took over Gainesville and about the importance of insect conservation.

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Around the state

• WUSF-Tampa: DeSantis' ban of local heat protections for outdoor workers could result in a 'public health crisis'. "This comes ahead of what's expected to be an even hotter summer than last year’s record-setting months. It’s part of a warming trend brought by human-driven climate change, as the burning of fossil fuels puts heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere."

• WFSU-Tallahassee: It's official: DeSantis has signed bills into law that bans citizen police review boards in Florida. "Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Friday said he wanted to thank police officers across the state for their hard work over the years. The governor also gave his official okay to two new laws that protect first responders in a society that he says doesn’t always respect the work of law enforcement."

• WUSF-Tampa: New Florida survey says 42% plan to vote yes on abortion amendment. "The poll of 1,000 Florida registered voters shows 32% are unsure. The proposal requires 60% of the vote to pass. Also, a majority said a six-week abortion ban that takes effect May 1 is 'too strict.'"

• WLRN-Miami: Four years later, Florida's rescued coral thriving on SeaWorld's 'Noah's Ark'. "Four years after scientists raced around the Florida reef tract to rescue healthy coral amid an outbreak of lethal stony coral disease, a bunch still living on Key West time at SeaWorld in Orlando are thriving and making babies."

• WLRN-Miami: Can Florida's new digital data law tame the 'Wild West' of online privacy? "Floridians may have new privacy options this summer if you use Amazon, Facebook or Google, thanks to a new digital privacy law that goes into effect July 1."

• WFSU-Tallahassee: More and more Florida seniors are struggling to stay in their homes. "Shelters for unhoused people are seeing more and more seniors on fixed incomes. As Margie Menzel reports, the reasons include the lack of affordable housing and the rising costs of rent – and of staying in their own homes."

• Central Florida Public Media: Florida’s got a new holiday: Tuskegee Airmen Commemoration Day. "Governor Ron DeSantis has signed into law a yearly holiday in Florida commemorating the sacrifices of the Tuskegee Airmen. Moving forward, Tuskegee Airmen Commemoration Day will be celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of March in Florida."

• WUSF-Tampa: Fast fashion carries lower price tag, but cost can be high for environment. "These cheaper-to-make, cheaper-to-buy items are discarded faster, generating waste and greenhouse gas emissions."

From NPR News

• World: Israel shoots down missiles and drones after Iran launches unprecedented attack

• Elections: Republicans aim to stop noncitizen voting in federal elections. It's already illegal

• Health: CDC warns that measles spike poses a 'renewed threat' to the disease's elimination

• Climate: What biologists see from the shores of the drying Great Salt Lake

• Elections: If convicted this year, Trump could lose the right to vote for himself

• Health: An artificial womb could build a bridge to health for premature babies

• National: The Forever Stamp is forever rising in price. How does the U.S. cost compare globally?

• National: 30,000 people will run the Boston Marathon. How many porta-potties will it take?

Kristin Moorehead curated today's edition of The Point.