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The Point, March 12, 2024: Leaders hold vigil for gun violence victim

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Today's Florida stories

• WUFT News: Gun violence vigil draws no community members. "Dozens of community leaders representing Gainesville and Alachua County gathered at the Eastwood Meadows neighborhood on Monday in remembrance of a victim of gun violence."

• WUFT News: Florida’s indigency fees pose financial challenges to legally poor in Alachua County. "Some see $50 as pocket change, but for the legally poor of the Alachua County court system, it could be their next car payment or a month of meals for two."

• Associated Press: Florida teachers can discuss LGBTQ topics under 'Don't Say Gay' law, settlement says. "Opponents said the law had created confusion about whether teachers could identity themselves as LGBTQ+ or if they even could have rainbow stickers in classrooms."

• News Service of Florida: Florida lawmakers reject financial disclosure changes for local officials. "Amid state and federal court challenges, Florida lawmakers have rejected an attempt to change a 2023 law that requires local officials to disclose detailed information about their personal finances."

• NPR: Harris plans to visit the Parkland school where 14 kids were killed in 2018. "On March 23, Harris — who oversees the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention — will visit the building with family members, who will show the vice president the path the shooter took, and where their loved ones were killed, a White House official told NPR exclusively."

• Mainstreet Daily News: Alachua County Victim Services and Rape Crisis Center to start support group. "The group, which will meet online from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on Tuesdays for eight weeks, is open to women and non-binary survivors. The group is free, but participants need to register by Wednesday, March 13."

• News Service of Florida: Here are 10 big issues that died during Florida's legislative session. "When Florida lawmakers went home after ending the 2024 legislative session Friday, they left behind hundreds of bills that did not pass. Here are snapshots of 10 issues that died during the session."

• WFSU-Tallahassee: A bill requiring stricter background checks for State Guardsmen awaits DeSantis' signature. "Under HB 1551, new applicants will have to submit fingerprints to both the state and federal government so any arrest records or other criminal history can be reviewed by the State Guard."

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From NPR News

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• Politics: Anti-sex trafficking advocate accuses GOP Sen. Katie Britt of distorting her story

• Education: Hackers are targeting a surprising group of people: young public school students

• Education: Virginia has banned legacy admissions at its public colleges

• National: Why flying is still safe despite high-profile problems

• Business: Airbnb bans all indoor security cameras

• Space: After 6 months in space and a fiery return over the U.S., NASA's Crew-7 is back home

• Business: Retailers howled about theft last year. Why not now?

• World: What to know about the 'confusion' over Kate Middleton's edited family photo

Kristin Moorehead curated today's edition of The Point.