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Do buffalo still roam? Cranes really dance?

Will there be wild creatures in 50 years?

WUFT-TV presents a new documentary, Where the Wild Things Live: America’s National Wildlife Refuges, to answer these questions--and ask a few more.

There is nothing else in the world like our system of 545 national wildlife refuges. Ranging in size from less than one acre to 20 million, there is at least one refuge in every state. Viewers of Where the Wild Things Live will journey across the country, traveling on scenic roads to six refuges, seeking answers…and maybe finding a little peace and quiet along the way.

“Watch the wild things where they live…listen to their voices…and learn why and how some of America’s wild heritage has been protected…at least for now.”

History of the Refuge System: Back from the brink.

The Refuges: Explore six refuges, each very different.

The Roads:
There and back again on America’s Scenic Byways.

The Wild Things: Sights and sounds from the refuges.

The Poet and the Musician:
Finding inspiration in the natural world.

Friends of the Refuge System:
How you can help.

Children and the Future: The biggest question of all?