Horses and Trainers
practice at the Haynes Farm
Jumping practice at the Haynes Farm

Viewers of The Jumping Game will meet some of the top trainers of steeplechase racehorses.

Bruce Haynes and Rowdy IrishmanBruce and Ann Haynes run a training farm in Bristol, Tennessee. "I don't have a set schedule with the horses," Bruce says, "I change it around just to keep it interesting and keep 'em seeing new stuff all the time--so that they're eager, kind of like, 'what are we going to do now?'"

Bruce Miller and Lonesome GloryBruce Miller, whose children Chip and Blythe grew up to be winning jockeys, trains champion steeplechase horses at a small farm near Kennett Square, Pennsylvania: "I'm the luckiest person in the world to be able to do exactly what I want, train steeplechase horses and to have two children not only participating but being the best they can be, at the top of their game also, to share it with them."

Jonathan SheppardJonathan Sheppard's training philosophy is simple," I feel it is important in training to allow a horse to be a horse and not to fit them into some prearranged program where they're basically some kind of robot. I think, if you allow them to do things willingly and in a natural way, they're more likely to perform well for you if they're enjoying it rather than being forced to do it."

Sanna NeilsonSanna Neilson remembers the first time she was named Champion Trainer of the Year: "We had a tremendous season. We had virtually no horses get hurt. We had horses that ran all year long without a break and won in the beginning of the year and won at the end of the year. It was a year that you can't ever expect because it was a dream year."

Janet ElliotJanet Elliot wanted to share the credit for her success as a trainer, so she created the Woodville Award. "Without the help we can't do our job. We have to have good help and they put in the tremendous hours and they're the ones that never get the credit--you know, the horse gets credit, the trainer gets a lot of credit, the owner gets not nearly enough credit--and the people behind the scenes are the ones there at the crack of dawn, feeding the horses, icing them, taking care of them. They deserve credit."

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