Blythe Miller thanks her "partner" as they cross the finish line.

Chip, Blythe and Bruce Miller The Jumping Game interviews three top jockeys: Chip and Blythe Miller, children of trainer Bruce Miller,and Sean Clancy. The three grew up together, and were always in competition with one another.

Blythe Miller: "I'm happier on a horse, more comfortable, more at peace up there, content with myself and what I'm doing. I'm having fun when I'm out there... and as long as I'm having fun, I'm going to keep riding"

Chip Miller: "As a jockey you have maybe one or two opportunities to really make a difference. You have to take advantage of those opportunities because that's the difference between winning and losing."

Sean Clancy: "Every time you go out there it's something different, so I think that's the part that is so addicting to it...that's the part that you just can't get out of your system."

Joe Acheson archive photoThe program also profiles one of steeplechase racing's most famous jockeys, Joe Acheson, who was Sean Clancy's boyhood hero. Acheson  won 440 races in his career, which Clancy believes is, "an unbeatable number."

Another champion steeplechase jockey featured in The Jumping Game is Dick Francis, who rode for England's Queen Mother before retiring to a highly successful career as a mystery writer.

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