The Jumping Game
racing over a brush fence
the last fence before the finish

Public television station WUFT-TV captures the thrill of the race and the essence of the relationship between horse and human in this one-hour documentary hosted by Bo Derek.

photo of throphyThe Jumping Game introduces its audience to the world of the race horses that jump, where horse and rider hurtle over fences, thick brush and water-filled ditches at speeds up to 35 mph. The program explores the ancient and passionate bond between people and horses and traces the 150-year history of the steeplechase in the United States through archival film and photographs.

racing actionToday, as many as 50,000 fans can be found at a steeplechase event which includes tailgate picnics, Jack Russell Terrier races and pony rides for children. Solely a “gentleman’s game” for many years, now women are in the winners’ circle as both jockeys and trainers.

The Jumping Game was photographed at wide-ranging locations - from New Hampshire to Florida and from Pennsylvania to California - and features steeplechase events in Virginia, Tennessee, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

The Jumping Game is a production of WUFT-TV, Channel 5 in Gainesville, Florida

Producer, Writer and Director - Letitia Langord

Associate Producer, Director of Photography and Editor - Dennis Gaston

Field Engineer and Sound - Dennis Ogle

Funding for this program was provided by a grant from the Margaret Dorrance Strawbridge Foundation and by WUFT-TV, University of Florida.

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