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Michael Presley Bobbitt, “Godspeed, Cedar Key” - Encore

Godspeed, Cedar Key book cover.

This episode features the Michael Presley Bobbitt, playwright, entrepreneur, clam farmer, Cedar Key’s official Clambassador and now novelist. His new book, Godspeed, Cedar Key, available March 1, has been described By Kirkus Reviews “as a propulsive, character-driven post-apocalyptic ride, and a brutal tale of survival with a refreshingly kaleidoscopic perspective.” The novel follows the tiny island of Cedar Key as it survives a global nuclear holocaust. Along the way, 180 years of the island's oral history is told and the islanders survive by leaning on community and the example of their ancestors." Bobbitt said this well be first of many novels he will write when he is not clam farming, assisting with weather reports on Hurricane Idalia and raising funds the Cedar Key School.

Bobbitt shares information on his life experiences, his clambassador adventures, and friendship with Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel and his love and admiration for the people of Cedar Key.

Sue is the host of Tell Me About It and the voice of Health in a Heartbeat.
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