Reginald Garcia, UF CJC Class of 1982

Reginald Garcia

Reginald Garcia graduated from the University of Florida twice. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the College of Journalism and Communications in 1982 and graduated from the Levin College of Law three years later.

Today, he is a clemency lawyer and a state government lobbyist in Tallahassee. And he authored two books in 2015: “Second Chances: Florida Pardons, Restoration of Civil Rights, Gun Rights and More” and “How to Leave Prison Early: Florida Clemency, Parole and Work Release.”

For more than two decades, Garcia’s work has been focused on helping convicted felons get their rights back. He has presented clemency cases to four Florida governors and cabinet members of both political parties. He gave speeches to state associations and community groups and also worked with other lawyers, clemency aides and parole examiners. He has appeared on national network and cable TV to discuss criminal justice issues.

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