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Award Winning UF Neurologist Plans To Use New Grant For Groundbreaking Alzheimer’s Research

Doctors and scientists have spent decades anyalyzing the factors causing Alzheimer’s in hopes of finding a cure. One University of Florida researcher is being honored for his efforts and extensive research. WUFT’s Jessica Gable talked with Dr. Todd Golde about his long-time study of the disease. [audio:http://www.wuft.org/media/audio/89Golde.mp3]

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U.S. Senator Nelson Weighs In On Haiti Relief Effort

As doctors and diplomats try to pick up the pieces in Haiti, one U.S. Senator believes the relief effort will require more than the Haitian government can provide. Democratic U.S. Senator from Florida, Bill Nelson, was on the University of Florida campus and talked with WUFT-FM’s Jessica Gable. [audio:http://www.wuft.org/media/audio/Nelsonwrap.mp3]

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The Rivalries In Club Rugby

Nothing packs a stadium and gets fans pumped quite like a rivalry. University of Florida versus Florida State University is one of those great rivalries. Lee Ziesche was on the sidelines to capture it all when the two schools went head to head in Club Rugby. [audio:http://www.wuft.org/media/audio/850Rugbywrap.mp3]

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International Conference on Conservation and Development in Latin America and Africa Underway On UF Campus

Researchers from all over the world are attending a conference at the University of Florida today on Conservation and Development in Latin America and Africa. WUFT-FM’s Savannah Herring spoke with the Director of the Tropical Conservation and Development Program, Marianne Schmink. [audio:http://www.wuft.org/media/audio/InternatConf.mp3]

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Wiernermobile Visits Gainesville

It’s been one of the most noticeable sights on the roadways for decades now, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Monday, one of the nation’s six giant red hot dogs on wheels dropped by the University of Florida campus, and its faithful drivers stopped by WUFT-FM to talk with Vic Micolucci. Listen …

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