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Malachowsky Hall to open in Spring

Malachowsky Hall will open to general students and faculty starting in the spring semester. Despite its ribbon-cutting ceremony and grand opening Friday, the doors to Malachowsky Hall remain locked for students attempting to use the new space. The building is not yet finished, with most of the remaining construction occurring …

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Panic in the plaza: New videos show chaos of stampede at UF peace vigil, reveal police secretly investigating suicide-bomb threat

The first substantial videos to emerge from a panicked stampede at the University of Florida during a nighttime vigil for Israelis killed in the Hamas attacks show waves of terrified students sprinting out of their shoes, discarding phones and water bottles and colliding with startled and confused police officers who …

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Live Updates: Ben Sasse’s inauguration as UF’s new president

Newly inaugurated UF president describes some goals Thursday, 4:20 p.m.: Newly inaugurated UF President Ben Sasse shared some goals for his presidency Thursday. Practical college majors will be even more practical, as the university refines its core curriculum classes so that students “wrestle with big questions,” he said. He also …

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