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Wildfire threat real, but lower in some areas

As fires continue to burn large areas across North Central Florida, Perry District Wildfire Mitigation Specialist Chelsea Parker says the state overall has seen more fires this year. “It’s been pretty active especially compared to last year’s very inactive fire season. Last year, the whole state was very fortunate in …

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Fires continue to burn in Goethe State Forest

Crews of firefighters are working to control a forest fire in Goethe State Forest in east Levy County. Wildfire Mitigation Specialist Ludie Bond said the flames continue to burn despite several inches of rain last night. “We were very thankful for the few inches of rain we did receive throughout …

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Wildfires still burning in North Central Florida

North Central Florida firefighters continue working to contain 8 fires still burning in the area. Division of Forestry Wildfire Mitigation Specialist Ludie Bond says current weather conditions make it very difficult to completely kill the fires. “We have not had significant rainfall, enough to put these fires completely out. So, …

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Protecting your home from wildfire

With wildfires continuing to burn thousands of acres of land in North Central Florida, the commercial and residential properties on the front line can be at risk. Institute for Business and Home Safety President and CEO, Julie Rochman, says embers can be a bigger threat than the flames themselves. “Those …

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Why Florida lags behind the nation in job creation

As unemployment continues to be a problem around the country, Florida in particular is searching for ways to create jobs. Governor Rick Scott released a statement on Friday calling Florida’s 12% unemployment rate unacceptable. WUFT’s Dan Katz spoke with economist Hank Fishkind about unemployment nationwide, what may be in store …

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