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Malachowsky Hall to open in Spring

Malachowsky Hall will open to general students and faculty starting in the spring semester. Despite its ribbon-cutting ceremony and grand opening Friday, the doors to Malachowsky Hall remain locked for students attempting to use the new space. The building is not yet finished, with most of the remaining construction occurring …

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Alachua County asks residents to complete healthcare survey

Alachua County is gathering information about residents’ health habits, including medical conditions, vaccination status and disability, in an anonymous and optional survey meant to improve county healthcare services. Questions range from the resident’s food availability to whether he or she attends county healthcare events. All together, the survey is meant …

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Hidden Brain, “Healing 2.0”: How we can change our lives by taking a closer look at the stories we tell ourselves about our lives

I sort of think the fact that we worship at the alter of youth as a culture is wrong and kind of sort of denies us some of the pleasures and good qualities about growing older and I try to celebrate them. So that’s really my message. It’s sort of just, not to listen to the people who tell you to act your age because what does that actually mean?

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