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Florida counties battle home improvement program

Several Florida counties are pushing back against the Florida PACE Funding Agency. The agency allows private companies to make home improvements with no up-front cost to homeowners. Instead, a special assessment is placed on the property. That increases the property tax bill and, in some cases, can prevent the property …

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Single-member districts to be offered to Alachua County voters in November

An unusual referendum on November’s ballot offers a change in how voters choose Alachua County’s commissioners.  Instead of an at-large election, where all Alachua County voters choose all five commissioners, the referendum asks if voters want to override the county charter and elect only one commissioner based on the district where they live, a process called single-member district voting.

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Need sandbags? Here’s a map

Sandbag information is subject to change based on a multitude of factors including restricted hours and component availability. While we will do our best to keep this information as accurate as possible, please verify the provided information with your local municipality, county or local public safety agency. As Hurricane Ian …

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