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The removal of ‘Maus’ from a Tennessee school district is catching Floridians’ attention

The Pulitzer Prize-winning book tells the story of Spiegelman’s relationship with his father, a Holocaust survivor, by depicting Jews as mice and Nazis as cats. The McMinn County School Board reportedly objected to eight curse words and nude imagery of a woman, used in the depiction of the author’s mother's suicide, according to NPR.

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A Hidden Crisis Of The Pandemic: Violence Against Women Hasn’t Stopped. Neither Have the Women-Led Organizations Combating the Problem.

Tsvetelina Thompson was 20 years old when her ex-boyfriend trafficked her. At first, she said, he was a “really sweet guy.” He would take her on lavish trips around Europe, adorning her with elaborate gifts – luxuries she never knew coming from a poor childhood in Bulgaria. So, she ran …

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