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President plans visit to tornado ravaged South

President Barack Obama will travel to those areas hit hardest by a wave of tornadoes yesterday. White House officials say Obama will visit Alabama on Friday and also meet Alabama Governor Robert Bentley. More than 200 are dead in five states from the deadliest tornadoes in nearly 40 years.

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President and First Lady address problem of bullying in schools

Bully prevention was on the minds of President Barack Obama and the First Lady today, as they addressed the problem during a conference. President Obama says children shouldn’t have to accept bullying as an inevitable part of growing up. Susan Garcia is the Coordinator for Partners in Adolescent Lifestyle Support, …

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Questions remain over just how much oil remains in the Gulf

President Barack Obama brought his wife and one of his daughters to Panama City last weekend for a brief stay, to show off the region’s pristine beaches. But Gina Jordan reports there’s disagreement over how much of the oil remains in the environment because of BP’s blown out well. [audio:http://www.wuft.org/media/audio/howmuchoil.mp3]

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