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Body Of Nebraska Boy Snatched By Gator Found In Disney Lagoon; Charges Against Parents Unlikely

An Orange County sheriff said charges are unlikely against a Nebraska couple, whose 2-year-old son was snatched off a Walt DisneyWorld beach by an alligator and dragged underwater. Divers found the body of Lane Graves Wednesday about 16 hours after authorities first got the call that a reptile had taken the boy from the water's edge at Seven Seas Lagoon despite his father's frantic attempt to save the child.

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Alligator Bites Off Part Of Florida Man’s Forearm

Lakeland Police say an alligator bit off part of a 21-year-old man's arm when he jumped into a lake behind his apartment following a domestic disturbance. A sign warning of gators was posted at the lake, according to the police report. Sgt. Gary Gross said in a news release. She said her son had run into a wooded area behind their apartment in Lakeland.

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Alligator Crashes UF Students’ Lake Alice Picnic

Michael Tamayo and a friend were picnicking by Lake Alice on Wednesday when an unexpected guest decided to join. An alligator crept up to the University of Florida students’ picnic blanket and started to chomp down on a sandwich. A bystander, Richard Reed Jr., caught the gator encounter on video, and at …

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