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Baby Gator Daycare Price Out Of Reach For Some Student-Parents

During the 2015-16 school year, Baby Gator received $288,000 in funding from UF students' fees, which are, by law, meant to reduce student-parents' child care costs. According to the Baby Gator director, these funds are not sufficient and UF student fees would have to be increased to further discount the cost of Baby Gator tuition for student-parents.

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Broadcast Bits: Episode 6

  As newsroom budgets shrink, more journalists are asked to pick up cameras. An economic bottom line is often used as justification to make people assume more responsibilities and added duties. KING-TV news photographer Andy Wallace started his career at a cable news outlet in Ohio, before moving across the …

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End Of Fire Services Agreement Sparks Concerns In Areas Just Outside Of Gainesville

When Alachua County residents living right outside of Gainesville city limits called 911 for fire protection services, they could count on Gainesville Fire Rescue to respond to their calls. Starting May 2018, however, they might experience slower response times waiting for Alachua County Fire Rescue to arrive.

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