Speaker bring attention to Palestinian oppression in speech at UF

University of Florida Students for Justice in Palestine hoped to raise awareness about Palestinian oppression through various demonstrations on campus. American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights Public Education and Outreach Associate, Julia Hurley, spoke to students on her transformation from pro-Israel conservative to a Palestinian rights advocate saying she has …

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Special Series: What Does Full Employment Look Like In America?

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True Stories of Florida Game Wardens With Author, Veteran Florida Wildlife Officer, Bob H. Lee

To gather these stories about the excitement, dangers, and disasters that game wardens face every day on the job, veteran Florida wildlife officer Bob H. Lee “spent three years interviewing working and retired officers from one end of Florida to the other from Live Oak … to the Everglades, to the big cattle ranches west of Lake Okeechobee, Big Pine Island, Lake Apopka, Kissimmee River marsh, and many other locations in this state.”

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