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Live: Watch First at Five from WUFT News

Watch the live broadcast of “First at Five” on Florida’s 5, weekdays from 5-5:30 p.m. ET.

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  • Isha

    Is there a way to get sound on these? There’s no sound for most of them

  • Kris

    Wed the 17th won’t work, can someone please fix ;)?

  • Stephanie Smith

    Trying to watch the broadcast from June 27, 3016 and its not working.

  • Christine Frew

    Great show .. good work to all of you !! on your most recent show..

  • JRR-Tolk

    Regards from gator in Panama, R. of Panama.

  • TAM-FL

    The politicians need to stop trying to discredit each other and put all that energy into make the United States of America great again.