News applicable to or from somewhere across the Florida peninsula, beyond WUFT’s core north central Florida coverage area.

The pyschology behind the culture of hazing

Governor Rick Scott is calling on university presidents today to take action in light of the recent hazing death in the Florida A&M marching band. Scott asked the presidents of all eleven Florida universities to review anti-hazing rules and penalties. Robert Champion was a drum major in the band and …

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Blame game continues over FAMU drum major death

The criminal investigation into the death of a Florida A & M University Drum major due to possible hazing continues. The incident has damaged the brand of one of the most visible university marching bands in the nation. Now, as law enforcement agencies and the university try to sort out …

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2011 hurricane season comes to a close with lack of rain

The beginning of winter means the end of hurricane season. WUFT-FM’s Sarah Samuels says it was a busy season, but mostly off Florida’s shores. [audio:] University of Florida Geography Assistant Professor Corene Matyas says the Northeast US saw significant travel problems and record flooding. Florida residents can take a sigh …

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Unemployment in Florida falls again for month of October

Florida’s unemployment rate has fallen for the month of October. The drop of a third of a percentage point brings the October seasonally adjusted unemployment rate to 10.3. Florida’s 89.1, WUFT-FM’s Chris Peralta spoke with University of Florida Professor of Economics, David Denslow, about the drop, and about the reasons for …

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Oba Chandler execution brings closure to some family members of Chandler and victims

At 4:25 p.m. yesterday Oba Chandler was executed at the Florida State Prison near Starke. The standard array of protestors and patrol gathered outside, but as Florida’s 89.1, WUFT-FM’s Catherine Awasthi reports, one woman standing just outside the area roped off for supporters came for one thing, closure. [audio:]

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