Law and public safety

Military mystery: Who stole tons of valuable ammunition brass from Army’s top helicopter gun range? Feds focus on Florida man

The thief, wearing camouflage gear and gloves, crept through the woods onto the Army base in southern Alabama where most of the U.S. military’s helicopter pilots train. His objective: Collecting sandbags he had filled with used 30 mm brass shell casings from the attack helicopters flying and firing over the …

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Florida fines largest Medicaid payment vendor nearly $9.1 million over billing glitches

Florida fined its largest Medicaid payment vendor nearly $9.1 million over software problems that delayed payments for nearly three months for tens of thousands of health-care claims for the state’s sickest and neediest children, the government’s health regulator said Wednesday. In a letter to the CEO of Sunshine State Health …

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GPD’s One Community initiative continues under new police chief

one community

Gainesville has been scrambling for methods to tame its rampant gun violence problem since the pandemic, but unexpected administrative changes have presented challenges to proposed preventative policies. In an October 2021 city commission meeting, former Gainesville Police Chief Tony Jones unveiled the department’s One Community initiative to combat the city’s …

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