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“Unvarnished” is a podcast that brings together all the best things about storytelling. It features a variety of stories including commentary from the people behind them, and the lessons that can be learned from them. Taylor Williams, the Creative Director of Guts & Glory GNV, serves as host.

Unvarnished: Trouble In Thailand

Episode eight of Unvarnished features Randy Singer, a grad student studying ichthyology. Randy tells a story of a trip to South Thailand to collect fish that went awry when his crew unknowingly stumbled into the magistrate's driveway.

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Unvarnished: High Speed Honda

Episode six of Unvarnished features Garrett Hall, a father and husband who decided it was time to sell his beloved 2001 Honda Accord. What should have been a smooth transaction ended up as a nightmarish test drive that left Garrett fearing for his life.

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