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Florida Good

The news isn’t all bad. There are people in Gainesville and across the rest of our slice of Florida doing good work and trying to make their community a better place. These are their stories.

Homeless Advocates Rally To End Meal Limits

More than 750,000 people find themselves homeless every day in America. While shelters and organizations provide meals for those in need daily, still hundreds of thousands of people go hungry on a daily basis. No where is the issue more controversial than Gainesville where homeless advocates say current restrictions keep …

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Migrant Workers Seek Better Lives Part Three

Workers bend over in a bean field in Homestead, Florida right outside of the Everglades the day after Thanksgiving. The migrant worker’s story, like so many groups who live in poverty, is often a forgotten one. Many young migrants have now made an effort to come together and use new, …

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Migrant Workers Seek Better Lives Part Two

Twenty-two year old farm worker and student Veronica Lopez takes a break from picking beans on a windy day after Thanksgiving in Homestead, Florida. A day of hard labor in the fields for a migrant worker yields about 30 dollars on a good day. A hard day in the classroom …

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