Unwanted Chicken Farm Prompts Land Regulation, Environmental Concerns

JTC Farm Chicken Houses has started construction of a facility that will house up to 270,000 chickens. Legally, no wastewater permit is required for the operation. But local residents who live close to where the chicken farm is being built as well as the Ichetucknee Alliance have raised concerns about the possible increase on nitrate levels in the Floridan aquifer due to runoff from the chicken farm.

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Gainesville’s Repurpose Project Spreads Reuse Mission

Founders Mike Myers and Sarah Goff created an environmental cooperative, The Repurpose Project, three years ago to help alleviate reusable trash from entering landfills. Today, Goff and Myer's efforts are widely celebrated throughout the Gainesville community with local residents joining in the festival of saving the planet through shared responsibility.

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