How Will Florida’s Tourism Industry Bounce Back From COVID-19

Episode 36 explores how Florida's tourism industry is faring during this pandemic. Josh Williams talks with Rebecca Shireman, Communications Manager for Kennedy Space Center, about the extra steps being taken to protect guests.. and the center's impact on the local economy (02:21). Melissa Feito looks into how Orlando's local tourism industry has been impacted by coronavirus and how they're planning to welcome visitors back safely (08:51). Taylor Levesque talked to water parks to find out how closure due to the pandemic has hurt business (14:25). Anthony Montalto takes a stroll along Hollywood Beach which has recently reopened and caught up with visitors and businesses about how things are going (18:56). Camron Lunn looks into how social distancing and a preference for being outdoors during the pandemic could be a boon for ecotourism in Florida (24:01). This podcast serves to provide updates on Florida's response to coronavirus, with a particular focus on north central Florida.

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