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Farmers markets popularity rises

A survey on the web site “” ranks Gainesville in the top ten nationwide for its farmers markets. As Dan Katz reports, more Gainesville residents are buying their food locally. [audio: Buying Locally in Gainesville.mp3]

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UF Economist Dave Denslow weighs in on the economy

Political strategist James Carvel coined the phrase, ‘Its the economy, stupid” almost 20 years ago. Yet it still rings true today as economic issues are dominating the November election campaigns. While some politicians argue that President Obama’s economic policies have furthered the recession, others emphasize the inherited nature of many …

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The Green Gap

Just a couple of years after the first signs of the global economic recession began to appear, many economists are trying to predict which sector of the economy will lead the recovery. Many believe the answer lies in what has been dubbed “green” technology, some of which is being developed …

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