Zac Blobner

Zac is a reporter for WUFT News who may be contacted by calling 352-392-6397 or emailing news

Marion County puts ease into recycling

Ocala City Council is entering a new contract with WastePro to bring easy curbside recycling to Marion County residents. Florida’s 89.1, WUFT-FM’s Meredith Chipman has more on the costs and logistics of the new collection plan. [audio:]

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Smokey conditions flare back up around Olive fire

The Levy Prairie wildfires have picked back up near the city of Hawthorne. The fire and smoke is thick enough to blur driver’s vision and make the road hard to see. North Florida Wildfire Mitigation Specialist Ludie Bond says the problem worsened in the late evening. [audio:] She says drivers …

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Antique aircraft fly visitors back in time

A Wings of Freedom tour is looking to honor veterans through the very aircraft they flew in combat. WUFT-FM’s Zac Blobner says antique planes were on-hand this weekend to help everyday people take a step back in history in a veteran’s combat boots. [audio:] The tour is moving through 120 …

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Green light bulbs given out in Ocala to raise awareness about runaways

Ocala based, Arnette House has started the Green Light Project during the month of November. Florida’s 89.1, WUFT-FM,  Zac Blobner says they’re hoping to shine a light on a growing problem. [audio:] (in depth version) Ocala-based, Arnette House has started the Green Light Project during the month of November. Arnette …

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Alachua County Fair bringing bargains this year

The Alachua County Fair will open tomorrow, and WUFT-FM’s Zac Blobner says fair officials hope to bring in bigger crowds with bigger bargains this year. [audio:] Fair Organizer Steve White says they will extend special price hours, offer discounts and provide other deal to breathe life back in to the …

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Teens need time behind the wheel

Teens are fifty percent more likely to crash in their first month of driving than they are a year later.  AAA recently conducted a study on young drivers and Communications Manager Carol Ronis says parents are the solution. [audio:] She says a couple of easy to follow steps for parents with …

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