Tom Krynski

Tom is an employee at the University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications.

UF faculty member in Cairo: joy in the streets!

After Thursday’s disappointment, many Egyptians are celebrating now that President Hosni Mubarek has resigned. University of Florida assistant professor of telecommunication, Rasha Kumhawi, who is living in Cairo while on leave from UF, talked with WUFT-FM’s Tom Krynski about life in Egypt the past 18 days. [audio:]

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UF faculty member in Cairo: an update

Since protestors took to the streets of Cairo last week in opposition to the Mubarek regime, the drama remains, as Egyptian state TV reports president Mubarek wants to stay in office until elections in September. Earlier this week on our Front Page edition of All Things Considered, we spoke with …

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UF faculty member safe in Cairo

As Americans watch the drama play out in Egypt, some University of Florida faculty members have more than a passing interest in the events. Rasha Kamhawi is an assistant professor of telecommunication in the UF Collge of Journalism and Communications. She has been in Cairo since October of 2010, and …

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Remembering Space Shuttle Challenger

For many Americans, there is a love affair with the astronauts who dared to test the limits of space. And with its home at Cape Canaveral in Florida , perhaps no where else was the love so strong. FPR’s Tom Krynski reports on a day 25 years ago, which changed …

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High school student is "Keeper of the Dream"

The observance of Martin Luther King day in Alachua County brings people together, and gives some young people, a chance to speak out on the holiday, sharing some of their thoughts with the community. WUFT-FM’s Tom Krynski reports on an Alachua county teenager, who remembers what Martin Luther King meant …

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