Lynsey Saunders

Lynsey is a reporter who can be contacted by calling 352-392-6397 or emailing

Tar Balls Now Spotted on Pensacola Beach

Tar balls have begun washing up on the shores of Pensacola Beach in Florida’s Panhandle. Escambia County emergency managment officials are working with state officials to make sure Pensacola Beach and the outlying areas receive as much aid as possible. WUFT-FM’s Lynsey Saunders talked with Senior Producer for Florida Public …

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Politics & Oil

When disasters like Hurricane Katrina or September 11th strike, the public usually looks for a leader to help guide them and take charge. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is no exception. Florida’s gubernatorial and U.S. senate candidates are responding to BP executives and pushing for amendments to …

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Migrant Workers Seek Better Lives Part Three

Workers bend over in a bean field in Homestead, Florida right outside of the Everglades the day after Thanksgiving. The migrant worker’s story, like so many groups who live in poverty, is often a forgotten one. Many young migrants have now made an effort to come together and use new, …

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Migrant Workers Seek Better Lives Part Two

Twenty-two year old farm worker and student Veronica Lopez takes a break from picking beans on a windy day after Thanksgiving in Homestead, Florida. A day of hard labor in the fields for a migrant worker yields about 30 dollars on a good day. A hard day in the classroom …

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Migrant Workers Seek Better Lives Through Education

No one knows really where to begin when talking about migrant workers in the United States. People rarely know how long the workers have been in the U.S., what they pick, or where they live and work. In part one of her three part series, Lynsey Saunders reports, in order …

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