Cameron Taylor

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Governor’s to post how county election officials scored in recent survey

Governor Rick Scott is releasing a series of rankings for county election officials. State election officials have based these rankings off of how quickly counties reported election results during the January 31st presidential primary and when those counties set up early voting sites. Florida’s 89.1, WUFT-FM’s Cameron Taylor spoke with Alachua County Supervisor …

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Extinguishing the County Line Fire remains problematic

A fire near the border of Georgia known as the county line fire is now 50% contained. It has spread across nearly 35,000 acres. Florida’s 89.1, WUFT-FM’s Cameron Taylor spoke with Southern Area Type Two Incident Team Fire Information Officer John Bearer about the current situation with the county line fire and when he …

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Animal hoarding restitution causes confusion

With the owners of the Haven Acres Cat Sanctury facing 15 years of probation along with fines, many are now wondering where the more than $600,000 of restitution will be going. Florida’s 89.1, WUFT-FM’s Cameron Taylor explains how the closing of this case is causing some confusion. [audio:]

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Personal attacks heat up the Louisiana GOP primary

The race for the GOP presidential nomination continues in Louisiana tomorrow with twenty delegates up for grabs.  Florida’s 89.1, WUFT-FM’s Cameron Taylor spoke with University of South Florida political science professor Susan McManus about tomorrow’s primary and how recent comments made by some of the candidates could even affect the general …

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Governor changes personnel who are overseeing the Trayvon Martin death investigation

Governor Rick Scott has announced a new State Attorney for the Trayvon Martin case. Florida’s 89.1, WUFT-FM’s Cameron Taylor spoke with the State Attorney in Gainesville Bill Cervone about Governor Scott’s appointment of Angela Corey from the 4th Judicial Circuit, what the process entails, and how it may change the case. [audio:]

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