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Blake Alderman

Blake is a reporter for WUFT News and can be contacted by calling 352-392-6397 or emailing news@wuft.org.

UF students rally this week for lower tuition rates

Aside from the university’s plan for education reform, this week starts off “Stop Tuition Hikes” week around the University of Florida. The movement started with the formation of the Gator Student Alliance, which is made up of over 22 different student groups around the University. GSA Member Robbey Hayes says he expects …

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Black Friday starting a day earlier this week

The Day after Thanksgiving is often called Black Friday — a day retailers depend on to put them in the “black” for the year. But Black Friday seems more and more to be turning into Black Thursday. Florida’s 89.1 WUFT-FM’s, Blake Alderman went shopping to find out why it’s coming earlier — and what …

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Gator stores putting on their rally caps

After winning two national championships in 2006 and 2008, the Florida Gator football team has struggled to rack up wins this year. WUFT-FM’s Blake Alderman says the team’s trouble affects more than the sporting world. [audio:http://www.wuft.org/news/files/2011/11/GatorSales.mp3]

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Weekend fatal plane crash under investigation

The Federal Aviation Administration is looking into a weekend plane crash which killed two north Florida men. WUFT-FM’s Blake Alderman says the plane lost control shortly after take-off and landed into a heavily wooded area. [audio:http://www.wuft.org/news/files/2011/11/PlaneCrash.mp3] 47-year-old Mark Fuller and 74-year-old Ralph Ken Terry died in the crash near Williston.  The Levy …

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World population tops 7 billion

The world became a bigger, more crowded place today.  The global population is expected to hit seven billion.  Along with the birth of a 5 lb., 8-oz baby girl in Manila Philippines came all the worries that surround the planet’s future.  An eye-opening statistic from Population Connection, a national group dedicated to …

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Making recreation into revenue

Newberry is taking a different approach to bring in more money to the city’s economy. WUFT-FM’s Blake Alderman says sports play a big part in their development. [audio:http://www.wuft.org/news/files/2011/10/Gatorbackfeature.mp3] Newberry Mayor Bill Conrad saysthe city is boosting its sports and recreation tourism, with the Diamonds Sports Park, Easton-Newberry Archery Complex, Nations …

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Ocala rolls towards skate park solution

Ocala residents can expect a new skate park in the near future. WUFT-FM’s Blake Alderman says the city is trying something a little different for the new park’s design. [audio:http://www.wuft.org/news/files/2011/10/Ocala-Skatepark2.mp3] Ocala Parks and Recreation Division Head Ire Beathea says the park will have a direct benefit to the city, especially …

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Local farmers begin chestnut harvesting season

[audio:http://www.wuft.org/media/audio/FPChestnutFarmWrap.mp3] October marks the official start of the chestnut harvest season, but what many don’t know is this fall favorite tree is now a rare commodity.  Florida’s 89.1, WUFT-FM’s Blake Alderman has more. Chestnut farms around the country have dropped dramatically over the years. Back in the early 1900s, many of these …

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