Ocala woman arrested on manslaughter charge after shooting neighbor


The Marion County Sheriff’s Office has arrested an Ocala woman for manslaughter after Friday night’s fatal shooting.

Susan Lorincz was arrested on Tuesday for shooting and killing her neighbor, Ajike Owens, after an altercation involving Owens’s children playing near the woman’s house, according to an arrest affidavit.

During the altercation, Lorincz allegedly struck the children with a rollerblade while she was yelling at them and throwing other objects, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release.

Deputies said that Lorincz’s violent actions toward her children angered Owens, prompting Owens to attempt to confront her at Lorincz’s home, leading to Lorincz shooting and killing Owens through the door.

The only witnesses to the shooting, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said in the press release, were Owens’ two children, aged 10 and 12, of which the 10-year-old was standing right next to his mother when Lorincz shot her.

 The Marion County Sheriff’s Office said in the press release that forensic interviewers from Kimberly’s Center interviewed the children and have gathered evidence ranging from the children’s account to surveillance footage of the shooting. Kimberly’s Center is a non-profit organization in Ocala that helps with child advocacy and are experts at interviewing children.

“Ms. Lorincz’s fate is now in the hands of the judicial system, which I trust will deliver justice in due course,” Sheriff Billy Woods said in the press release. “As I go to bed tonight, I will be saying a prayer for Ms. Owens’ children and the rest of her family. I’d ask all of you to do the same.”

Lorincz faces up to 30 years in prison for the manslaughter charge. She is also facing two charges of assault, battery and culpable negligence.

Woods acknowledged on Monday the delay between the shooting and arrest. He pointed to Florida’s “stand your ground” law that prevented him from arresting Lorincz until it could be proven the shooting was not in self-defense.

Calls for Lorincz’s arrest started earlier this week from politicians, and Wednesday afternoon, state Rep. Yvonne Hinson, D-Gainesville, released a statement.

“This is the first of many steps towards justice, and I want to thank everyone, from Marion County and beyond, for their outpouring of support for Ms. Owens’ family,” said Hinson, whose district includes part of Marion County. “Through our pursuit of justice, we honor her life and denounce her senseless, tragic death.”

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