The Point, April 3, 2023: Special Report: What are the solutions?


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• WUFT News Special Report: Living on the Edge: Solutions. For the six-month anniversary of Hurricane Ian, we’re publishing Living on the Edge, a series on Florida’s barrier islands in an era of climate change. Today’s stories look at solutions: Hurricane Ian was ‘The Ultimate Test’ for southwest Florida’s inland solar city Babcock Ranch, says its developer. It came through unscathed. We also explore Better Buildings; fortification strategies for barrier islands in Buying Time; and efforts underway to hold back the sea on the island that’s home to Kennedy Space Center and the city of Cape Canaveral in Climate, the Cape and Community.

• WUFT News: Alachua County Commission sets maximum towing rates for unincorporated county residents. “These new rates were recalculated and decided by county staff after a public meeting with several Alachua towing companies to best accommodate for the fees required.”

• WUFT News: Gallery: High school, collegiate athletes compete at 2023 Pepsi Relays. The University of Florida hosted this year’s Pepsi Florida Relays, one of the top high school and collegiate meets held in the United States.

• WUFT News: Hillel looks to grow student mental health and wellness initiative. “The primary goal of the initiative is in its mission statement: to promote the implementation of mental health practices in the lives of students, especially within the Jewish community.”

• WUFT News: Coding club for girls looks for more members and facilitators. “Girls Who Code is an international nonprofit organization that was founded by Reshma Saujani in 2012 with the goal of increasing the number of women in the field of computer science.”

• WUFT News: 9-year-old finds unique way to honor first responders. “Easy may not be in the job description of a first responder. But their selfless duties don’t go unnoticed by one 9-year-old in Marion County.”

• WUFT News: Hippodrome’s ‘Basement Sessions’ build support for Gainesville’s arts community. “Since January, the theater has presented a monthly show in the basement. There, attendees can take in live music, art, drinks, collaborative discussions and markets.”

• WUFT News: Anthony Richardson takes center stage at UF football Pro Day. “The quarterback’s arm strength and ability to throw deep was put on display on Thursday as he launched multiple 60-plus-yard throws, one even hitting the roof.”

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Around the state

• WUFT News: Six-week abortion ban moves through Florida Senate despite Democratic efforts. “Florida Senate Democrats attempted to ease restrictions during session Thursday on a bill proposing a six-week abortion ban, but 18 amendments failed.”

• Florida Politics: New standards for sex education pass House, wait for Senate approval. “The bill restricts the use of pronouns and defines marriage as ‘heterosexual.'”

• News Service of Florida: Later school start times gets Florida House approval. “Under the bill, middle schools would begin the ‘instructional day’ no earlier than 8 a.m., while high schools would be barred from starting the school day before 8:30 a.m.”

• Florida Politics: Legislature passes bill requiring lactation spaces at courthouses. “The spaces must be clean, shielded from public view, free from intrusion while occupied and have at least one electrical outlet.”

• WFSU-Tallahassee: Florida lawmakers try again to get alimony changes across the finish line. “In the last decade, lawmakers have sent legislation to the governor three times, and it was vetoed all three times. Now they’re trying again, with one notable change involving retroactivity.”

• Florida Politics: Senate unanimously passes wrongful incarceration compensation revamp. “After hours of debate over contentious issues such as permitless carry and new abortion restrictions, the bill’s introduction and passage produced a moment of bipartisan accord.”

• WLRN-Miami: Police chief says Broward district isn’t paying its school resource officers. “Eight months into the academic year, law enforcement agencies in Broward County are still waiting for the school district to reimburse them for the work of their school resource officers (SRO).”

• WGCU-Fort Myers: Spider lightning sparks scientific research for FGCU student/instructor team. “Gilbert Green is not an ordinary storm chaser. A software engineering major at Florida Gulf Coast University, who is also minoring in physics and mathematics, Green spent the summer of 2022 chasing and photographing lightning around Southwest Florida.”

From NPR News

• Economy: Social Security is now expected to run short of cash by 2033

• Climate: The EPA’s watchdog is warning about oversight for billions in new climate spending

• Politics: The Nashville school shooting highlights the partisan divide over gun legislation 

• National: In a supreme court race like no other, Wisconsin’s political future is up for grabs

• Health: Millions may lose free preventive health care after ruling by federal judge in Texas

• Politics: Grief and tangled politics were at the heart of Kentucky’s fight over new trans law 

• Law: One-time supporter of Guantánamo’s military court now says it was ‘doomed’

• Sports: LSU beats Iowa to win 1st NCAA title, posting record triple-digit point game

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