Uh-oh. A new tropical mosquito has come to Florida. The buzz it’s creating isn’t good

Researchers at the University of Florida have identified this new breed of mosquito that’s infesting the state. Experts are concerned about new diseases that could be transmitted. (Mosquitoes shown are not actual size).
(Courtesy of University of Florida/Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences)

MIAMI — There’s not a lot of love for mosquitoes in Florida. The pesky insects are unrelenting. Now there’s a new species that’s shown up and become established in Florida … and its arrival is concerning to scientists.

The mosquito — known by its scientific name of Culex lactator — is typically found in Central and South America. Researchers with the University of Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory first discovered it in a rural area near Miami in 2018. It’s since spread to other counties in Southwest Florida.

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