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The Point, March 3, 2023: Lessons from a traffic stop bystander in Lawtey

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• WUFT News: Lawtey police threatened to arrest a traffic stop bystander. What we can learn from the incident. "Lawtey Police Capt. Nathan Blom backed the officers’ response. He said (Jessica) Kreitzer could have observed from another area, but her direct interaction with the stopped person was distracting and did constitute an obstruction of justice."

• Mainstreet Daily News: GNV passes first motions to address debt woes. "The Gainesville City Commission approved three motions at its regular meeting on Thursday to tighten budgets following demands for change from the Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) last week."

• Mainstreet Daily News: Gainesville signs off on radio system sale. "The trunked radio system is used by law enforcement, emergency services and public works across Alachua County. Users include the cities of High Springs, Alachua and Newberry, along with Santa Fe College, UF and others."

• WCJB: Open-container ordinance remains after Gainesville city leaders couldn’t find middle ground. "Gainesville city leaders hit a brick wall on scaling back open container hours and now there are concerns about rising violent crime."

• WUFT News: Despite generational differences, the “corazon” of Latin music beats strong for all Latinos. "Not only is Latin music becoming mainstream, but it’s also actually changing between generations. And while trending artists like Bad Bunny have millions of fans, some older generations of Latinos don’t approve of Latin music’s rising stars."

• WUFT News: Zip line at Haile Quarry hopes to create economic growth. "Spain Development LLC projects their newest project will bring over $800,000 a year worth of jobs to the city of Newberry."

• WUFT News: Food deserts leave lasting impact on local community health. "Imagine having to walk more than 20 minutes to buy some fruit. This is the reality of nearly 40% of the U.S. population living in food deserts."

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Around the state

• News Service of Florida: Lawmakers propose allowing the death penalty for cases involving rape of a child. "The bills, which would require eight of 12 jurors to recommend death, conflict with longstanding decisions by the U.S. and Florida Supreme Courts that bar capital punishment in such cases."

• WUSF-Tampa:A proposed law in Tallahassee could stifle not only journalists, but everyone. "A bill making its way through Tallahassee would make it easier to sue media outlets and target the use of anonymous sources. It has a good chance of passing in the Republican-controlled legislature."

• Florida Politics: Ron DeSantis flip flops on Medicare, Social Security cuts. "When he was a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2012, he called for 'market forces' and privatization to replace the current entitlements."

• News Service of Florida: FPL proposes lower fuel costs that could trim electric bill hikes. "With Florida regulators poised to consider proposals that would increase monthly electric bills, Florida Power & Light said lower-than-expected natural gas prices this year could somewhat soften the blow."

• WGCU-Fort Myers: FGCU begins creation of artificial reef in Gulf of Mexico. "The conditions are seemingly perfect to be out on the water: Clear blue skies, bright shining sun, minimal wind. Yet hundreds of bloated fish and decaying marine life littering the water’s surface serves as a putrid reminder of the need for environmental solutions."

• WUSF-Tampa: A USF researcher attempts to break a world record by living underwater for 100 days. "A researcher from the University of South Florida is searching for ways to revive marine environments and test medical technology that could prevent a myriad of diseases in people. But there’s one catch: he’s doing it all 30 feet underwater — and he's trying to do it for 100 days."

From NPR News

• Politics: President Biden is expected to soon use his veto authority for the first time

• Environment: Here's why it's hard to clean up toxic waste from the East Palestine train derailment

• National: Plea deal talks are in limbo for the five men accused in the 9/11 attacks

• Health:Moderna announced a free COVID vaccine program. But will that be accessible enough?

• Economy: Why price gouging can seem obvious to consumers but hard for economists to identify

• Education: 3 years since the pandemic wrecked attendance, kids still aren't showing up to school

• Science: Toothed whales use 'vocal fry' to hunt for food, scientists say
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