The Point, Nov. 14, 2022: Gainesville four months late on financial reports, risks state funding


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• WCJB: State funding at risk as Gainesville city leaders are over four months late on financial reports. “An auditing committee sent a letter to Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe, saying the city failed to submit reports that were due no later than June 30th.”

• Gainesville Sun: Top investigator submits resignation, adding to city’s growing void of charter officers. “Ginger Bigbie, the city auditor, submitted her resignation last week to city commissioners, which will become effective Jan. 13, 2023.”

• Ocala Gazette: FAFO administrative coordinator announces departure. “On the heels of the highest attendance ever for the annual Ocala Arts Festival comes news that Maggie Weakley, administrative coordinator for Fine Arts For Ocala (FAFO), will leave that post at the end of this year.”

• WUFT News: Meet the 17-year-old helping young women embrace their Inner Value.Many people can claim they want to change the world one day. But not many of them have the blueprints for success in their communities. And very few of them, like Sophia Vernon, are 17 years old.”

• WUFT News: Gator Good provides a life-changing experience. “A student at Wellington High School in West Palm Beach, Gluckman found his road to recovery included a Gator football game with one of his best friends that taught him what’s really important in life.”

• WCJB: Newberry High School marching band travels to Indiana for National Championship. “The Newberry High School marching band competed in the Bands of America Grand National Championships at the Lucas Oil Stadium on Friday morning.”

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Around the state

• News Service of Florida: A federal panel clears the way for a lawsuit challenging Florida’s congressional redistricting map. “As Florida Republicans added four U.S. House seats in Tuesday’s elections, a panel of federal judges refused to toss out a lawsuit that alleges a congressional redistricting plan is ‘intentionally racially discriminatory.'”

• News Service of Florida: Feds push back against DeSantis administration in prescription drug importation case. “The Biden administration this week asked a judge to reject allegations that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has ‘dragged its feet’ on a Florida proposal to import prescription drugs from Canada and has not properly complied with a public-records request.”

• Spectrum News: Sonic boom heard across Florida Saturday morning. “The suspected cause of the booms, which were reportedly heard at around 5 a.m., was a Boeing X-37B spaceplane returning to Earth after a mission with the United States Space Force, though not confirmed.”

• Florida Politics: Perspective PAC launches to promote minority conservative voices. “Organizers announced the launch Friday of the Perspective PAC, based out of Tallahassee.”

• WLRN-Miami: Midterm poll: Florida Latino voters ‘are outliers’ compared to Latinos nationwide. “When it comes to Latino voters, Florida marches to a different baterista, as it were — and a new midterm elections survey indicates just how different.”

• Miami Herald ($): Online secondhand sellers balk at new tax reporting threshold. “The obstacle comes from a revised portion of the tax code included in President Biden’s American Rescue Plan of 2021, which requires sellers to report transactions over third-party networks that exceed $600 – a considerable shift from the previous $20,000 threshold.”

• News4Jax: Why was Nicole so bad? “When talking about hurricanes and impacts, location is a major factor on impacts. Hurricanes are divided into quadrants, and not all quadrants are the same.”

From NPR News

• Education: A federal judge calls student loan relief unlawful, deepening limbo for borrowers.

• Election: Democrats retain control of the Senate after holding Nevada seat.

• National: New Memorial on the National Mall honors Native veterans who served the nation.

• Politics: Control of Congress matters. But which party now runs your state might matter more.

• Art: A new Banksy mural adorns a destroyed building in Ukraine.

• Economy: Could an equation do a better job at setting a target interest rate than the Fed?

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