See who won Marion, Putnam and Union counties’ 2022 midterm elections


Marion County

Kathy Bryant

Republican Kathy Bryant and write-in candidate Gina Capone, battled for the Marion County Commissioner District 2 seat. Bryant raised $78,290 for her campaign while Capone has raised $2,970. Bryant considers herself a “common-sense conservative.” Capone’s goals included working to prevent urban sprawl in her county. Bryant defeated Capone, whose name did not appear on the ballot, with  93% of the vote.

Carl Zalak III

Republican Carl Zalak III, and write-ins Brian Christian Donnelly and Seth Posner competed for the Marion County Commissioner District 4 seat. Zalak III raised $157,430 for his campaign while Posner had not raised or spent any funds on his campaign. Zalak III proposed to put conservative values at the forefront of the commission. Donnelly sought to improve transportation options, the economy and infrastructure. Zalak III won the District 4 seat with 90% of the vote defeating Donnelly and Posner, whose names did not appear on the ballot.

Putnam County

Leota Wilkinson

Democrat LaToya Anderson Robinson and Republican Leota Wilkinson competed for the Putnam County Commissioner District 2 seat. Robinson raised $16,158.54 while Wilkinson raised $50,011 in this commissioner race. Robinson campaigned on increasing community resources for Putnam County residents. Wilkinson’s platform was about opposing higher taxes, promoting economic growth, and supporting law enforcement. Wilkinson beat out Robinson for the seat with 76% of the vote.

Larry Harvey

Republican Larry Harvey and Ronald Burckhard (no party affiliation) campaigned for the Putnam County Commissioner District 4 seat. Burckhard raised $8,898 while Harvey raised $19,618. Harvey was running for a third term as county commissioner. Harvey was first appointed commissioner by Gov. Rick Scott in 2014. Burckhard said he wanted to improve infrastructure and the local economy. Harvey defeated Burckhard with 78% of the vote for the commissioner seat.


Robbi Correa

Palatka Mayor

Robbi Correa and Terrill Hill ran without party affiliation for the position of mayor in Palatka. Correa raised $10,449 while Hill raised $14,561.26. Hill had already served two terms as mayor. Correa’s campaign goal was to “support the preservation of a thriving downtown district”. Correa defeated Hill in Palatka’s mayoral race with 55% of the vote.



Union County

Mac Johns

Republican Mac Johns and Independent Eric Martin vied for the Union County Commissioner District 4 seat. Johns raised $3,700 for his campaign while Martin raised $1,100. Johns defeated Martin with 64% of the vote.

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