Florida: Do you have last-minute voting questions? Here are your answers


On the eve of the midterm elections, there is still plenty of time to vote for your favorite candidates, but here are the best ways to make sure your vote counts:

Can I still register to vote in this week’s election?

You’re too late. The last day people were allowed to sign up to vote for the 2022 Florida general election was on Oct. 11, but you can register now for future elections.  

If I’m a college student who registered in my hometown, where should I vote on campus?

Everyone already registered to vote must vote in the county where they registered. Students who want to vote in the county where they attend school must change their address on their voter registration records. It was possible to request that a mail-in ballot be sent to you, but that deadline has passed for Tuesday’s elections: People must order their absentee ballots prior to 10 days before the election. 

How do I find out where I’m supposed to vote?

The Florida Division of Elections operates a website that tells you where you are supposed to vote based on the county where you are registered as a voter. Voters would click on their county and then input their house number and street name. The website provides voters with their polling station.  

Is it too late to mail back my absentee ballot?

Yes, don’t risk it. A returned absentee ballot must be received by the Supervisor of Elections Office by 7 p.m. on Election Day. The Postal Service recommends sending absentee ballots at least one week before Election Day to account for weather issues and any unforeseen events. You can still physically drop off an absentee ballot at a secure ballot intake station on the eve of the election or Election Day. Check with your county’s supervisor of elections office for those locations.

I mailed my absentee ballot. Can I find out whether it’s been counted?

Yes. Most Florida county supervisor of elections offices offer a free service on their websites to track whether they have received and counted your absentee ballot yet. 

What do I need to bring with me on Election Day?

In order to vote, voters must bring a valid photo ID with a signature. This includes a Florida driver’s license, Florida ID card, U.S. passport, debit or credit card, military ID, student ID, etc. If you want more information on what forms of ID you can bring, you can find that information on the Florida Division of Elections website. It’s also a good idea to request from your county’s supervisor of elections office a sample ballot so that you can see which candidates or issues you will support. Those sample ballots can be downloaded and printed for free online.

Click here to watch the live returns on Election Day.

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