These are the new members of the Alachua County School Board


Tina Certain emerged as the only incumbent Alachua County School Board member to hold onto her seat Tuesday night, as Mildred Russell lost to Diyonne McGraw, the challenger in District 2 who most recently held her seat.

Sarah Rockwell beat Ray Holt in District 3, and Kay Abbitt defeated Prescott Cowles. Both Rockwell and Abbitt are newcomers to the board.

Gov. Ron DeSantis removed McGraw from the District 2 seat in 2021 and replaced her with Russell because McGraw didn’t live within the district. Redistricting shifted the boundary lines this year and her residence now falls within them. Russell received an endorsement from DeSantis’ campaign earlier this month, and she had outspent McGraw by a 3 to 1 margin.

Unofficial results from the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections are below:

District 1
Name Votes Percentage Contributions Expenses
Tina Certain 30,360 60.46% $41,290.28 $26,778.31
Daniel Fisher 39.54 19,858% $23,174.03 $20,917.97


District 2
Name Votes Percentage Contributions Expenses
Diyonne McGraw 28,463 56.82% $28,929.61 $12,180.37
Mildred Russell 21,632 43.18% $44,147.83 $38,405.39


District 3
Name Votes Percentage Contributions Expenses
Ray Holt 20,646 41.69% $43,365.76 $32,464.70
Sarah Rockwell 28,878 58.31% $62,034 $59,486.47


District 5
Name Votes Percentage Contributions Expenses
Kay Abbitt 26,586 54.17% $15,419.79 $11,055.96
Prescott Cowles 22,497 45.83% $26,413 $23,953.46

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