UF alumnus shares memories of Mick Hubert

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Bill Feinberg is a University of Florida alumnus. He is also a former Gator football and basketball equipment manager. Feinberg knows almost all things pertaining to the Florida Gators. His home is outfitted with paraphernalia from the past, present and future.

His home is a beautiful showcase of helmets, dolls and autographed photos. Feinberg’s driveway even has the Florida F painted on the concrete. His pool – which includes UF blue tiles that spell Gators – is one that Albert and Alberta would probably love to dive into, to get a break from the swamp. Orange and blue have been running through his veins since 1961.

He sat at his table in one of his many rooms adorned with Gator gear. He began to recall the days before the Mick Hubert era. He recounted the impact Hubert has had on Gator athletes and the Gator Nation during his tenure.

Feinberg said that Hubert will take nothing but the memories he has collected from his 30 years of calling Florida athletic events. Feinberg said that it’s his legacy serving as one of the most prominent faces of Florida Gators that will be left behind as Hubert’s regime comes to an end.            

Feinberg said, “He is a fantastic play-by-play guy and he really puts tremendous effort into his calls. I think he generates the excitement on the radio that you can feel coming. He is truly passionate about his play-calling and as a broadcast major myself back in the day, I feel it, you feel it in your heart.”

Feinberg mentioned he was just as surprised by the announcement as the rest of the Gator Nation. He wishes Hubert well in his retirement, as he continues to root for the Gators.

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