The Point, Jan. 18, 2022: MLK descendants say ‘no celebration without legislation’ for voting rights


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• Spectrum News: How Martin Luther King Jr.’s time in Florida helped pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964. “Florida’s role in the civil rights movement is often overlooked, but the racial tensions and violence that played out while Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spent time in St. Augustine in 1964 helped spur the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

• WGCU: Is climate change in Southwest Florida to blame for one storm spawning seven tornadoes? “‘We could potentially see more of these storms in Southwest Florida, and more of these storms occurring across the U.S.,’ said Joanne Muller, a Florida Gulf Coast University associate professor and expert in climate change with a special focus on Southwest Florida. ‘I have seen a lot of predictions for more of these types of weather events in a warming world, but in terms of the science it’s not fully understood yet.’

• Florida Politics: Ron DeSantis’ map sets up tension with Legislature over redistricting process. “The decision by Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office to submit a redistricting proposal for Florida’s congressional map may be unprecedented. … the map came out just three days before the Florida Senate was set to consider its own congressional map.”

• The Hill: Florida looms large in Republican 2024 primary. “Florida is emerging as the epicenter of the early fight for the GOP presidential nomination as speculation grows about the possibility of as many as four Republicans from the Sunshine State pursuing the party’s nod in 2024.”

• New York Times ($): A Grand Miami Beach Hotel, and Its History, Might Be Torn Down. “Today, the Deauville is shuttered, enclosed by an ugly chain-link fence and No Trespassing signs. Soon, it is likely to be demolished, to the shock and disgust of preservationists, who fear the hotel’s slow demise will set a troubling precedent in their efforts to protect South Florida’s history.”

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From NPR News

• National: MLK’s memory is honored by demonstrators calling for the passage of voting rights bill

• National: A Texas rabbi threw a chair at the gunman before he and two other hostages escaped

• Health: In the omicron crush, some people pay whatever it costs to get tested

• Health: Some insurance brokers enroll people in ACA plans without consent

• Race: The number of first-year Black medical students jumps 21% in the past year

• Politics: Senate Democrats plan a vote to change the filibuster. So what is it?

• Sports: China will no longer sell tickets to the Beijing Winter Olympics due to COVID-19

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