Gainesville-area Christmas tree growers not impacted as badly this year as elsewhere in US


Christmas is approaching, which means people are getting ready to buy their Christmas trees this year.

Along with food and car shortages, this year farmers are facing a Christmas tree shortage.

The shortage hasn’t affected local farms as badly as Virginia and Illinois, but the impact is still being felt.

On Dec. 1, Unicorn Hill Farm opens and is the oldest Christmas tree farm operating in the Gainesville area.

Unicorn Hill Farm Co-owner Cathryn Gregory said she doesn’t know what the traffic will look like this year due to the tree shortages and price increases.

“Well, that’s always been a concern of mine that some families will not be able to have a tree,” Gregory said. “But I’m not sure that it will necessarily be because of the price, but because of the number of trees that are not available.”

Co-owner Mike Gibbs of Gibbs Christmas Tree Farm in Citra said he didn’t have a problem getting Christmas trees this year.

“I got shorted a little bit of certain size, but it didn’t affect me too bad,” Gibbs said.

This year, Gibbs Christmas Tree Farm Fraser firs are ranging from $50 to $160, depending on their size. Gibbs Christmas Tree Farm had to raise its sale prices because the price of trees increased from last year.

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