The Point, Nov. 8, 2021: UF plans to allow professors to get paid to testify after all


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• WUFT News: University of Florida reverses course, allows professors to testify regardless of compensation. “The university initially denied requests by political science professors Sharon Austin, Michael McDonald and Daniel Smith. The decision deviated from precedent, contradicting previous work UF has approved. Five other professors in law and medicine have also come forward to say they were barred from speaking as experts in their fields in litigation against the state.”

• Gainesville Sun ($): UF faculty union sticks by its list of demands on academic freedom. “Donors are urged to withhold giving money until UF complies with the demands. Artists, intellectuals and scholars are asked to decline invitations to perform at UF. The demands were presented at a Friday video news conference at which union members said academic freedom is in danger at UF, which would have ramifications across the state and country.”

• WUFT News: A 13-year-old in Putnam County is facing felony charges for repeating a rumor. “Jayceon (Ware) is one of an increasing number of students charged with felonies for school threat misinformation since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High shooting three years ago, according to local justice officials. The sheriff’s office posted Jayceon’s photos and arrest information on its Facebook page with 63,000 followers, a practice legal in Florida and not exclusive to Putnam County.”

• WFLA-Tampa: Florida to close half its monoclonal antibody sites. “Amid a sharp decline in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Florida, at least 12 of the state’s 25 sites are slated to close less than three months after Gov. Ron DeSantis opened the first site in Jacksonville on August 12.”

• Tallahassee Democrat ($): ‘Overwhelmed’: Influenza rampant at FSU and FAMU as experts point to flu vaccine hesitancy. “Experts, many of whom have warned about a severe flu season for months, say this is the result of a return to normalcy and lessening of safety precautions taken while COVID-19 numbers were at its highest.”

• Mainstreet Daily News: GRU receives OK to bid on UF project. “GRU, if successful, would design, finance, build and operate the central energy plant. However, GRU must first qualify for a shortlist of potential bidders on the project.”

• WUFT News: Gainesville inches closer to approving affordable housing plan. “The city’s housing plan is made up of three strategies: zoning changes, diversifying funding sources and creating subsidies that promote permanent affordability for city residents. These recommendations could be implemented within the next two years, according to a city memo from October.”

• WUFT News: Meadowbrook Golf Club remains closed until its owner proposes a plan to Alachua County. “Meadowbrook, a private, family-operated golf course located on Northwest 98th Street in Gainesville was announced temporarily closed on July 8. The course closed due to excessive flooding and lack of water drainage from Tropical Storm Elsa. Since then, it has not reopened.”

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