Having network issues? Alachua County’s IT Department is replacing the system


Alachua County’s network was down on Monday.

The IT Department, located in the basement of the Wilson building in downtown Gainesville, is charged with maintaining the environment where information runs smoothly between the government, residents and businesses. The department also has a backup power supply that is supposed to detect if there is a power interruption. If detected, the equipment sends a signal that triggers a very large generator to kick on.

Alachua County Communications Director Mark Sexton says the power supply to the generator had a catastrophic failure yesterday.

“Right now, a replacement to that power back up system is being installed, but it’s a very complicated process,” Sexton said.  “Were dealing with a building that has just some challenges because of the age of the building, but they expect it to be up any moment now.”

Luckily, the IT department identified why it failed and knows what the issue is.

Sexton says due to the malfunction, the entire system is being replaced.

“The equipment that failed is being completely replaced, that should fix the problem and keep it from happening again in the near future,” Sexton said.

The county is hoping there will not be any issues with the installment since the building is so old.

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