UFPD discusses TASER protocols, cases of accidental deployment

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The University of Florida Police Department released annual data tracking officers’ responses to resistance, including instances of accidental TASER device deployments.

Since 2017, there have been five instances of accidental TASER deployment. All mishaps happened during officers daily preparations inside the department building.

UFPD Captain Rick Taylor said his officers go through hours of TASER preparation. And those who accidentally deploy a TASER are then required to complete additional training to prevent future mishaps.

State law allows law enforcement officers to deploy a TASER in the line of duty when faced with active physical resistance.

“Here at the university, we’re not allowed to use it at that level,” Taylor said. “For us, it has to be aggressive…”

UFPD officers have a higher threshold – in what’s called aggressive physical resistance – to trigger the use of a TASER in the line of duty when on campus.

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