Alachua County Legislative Delegation Hearing Hears 2022 Session Requests From Politicians And Constituents


For Sabrina Davis, the Alachua County Legislative Meeting was more than a hearing for local city and county governments to ask for funding, it was the only chance she had to fight for her father who, she says, died from medical malpractice in 2020.

Davis asked the delegation to consider upcoming legislation in January that would expand the number of people who can bring cases against hospitals for medical wrongful deaths and to keep her case in mind.

“My case is real,” she said, holding back tears. “My case is written in black and white.”

Davis was one of 18 north central Florida residents and leaders who spoke at Monday’s hearing. The delegation, consisting of Sen. Keith Perry and Reps. Chuck Clemons, Chuck Brannan and Yvonne Hayes Hinson, also heard from local city and county officials asking for funding and support.

Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe asked for additional pandemic relief support, continued support of the police interrupter program and funding to make roads safer in the city, specifically around the university.

Newberry Mayor Jordan Marlowe asked for increased funding to help support major undertakings by the city, including a new meat processing plant and a water waste system.

Marlowe says his goal is to make Newberry the “agriculture center for North Central Florida” and hopes the delegation will support him in that.

Alachua County Commissioner Ken Cornell spoke about the success of Celebration Pointe and other development and social programs the county has used.

Cornell asked the delegation, instead, to pay closer attention to the smaller cities in the county.

“Whenever our smaller cities come to you, please take special care to listen,” He said. “We are behind them.”

Public Defender for the 8th Judicial Circuit Stacy Scott spoke for funding to help hire and keep attorneys for the public defender’s office.

She asked for funding to increase wages and hiring incentives, an ask echoed by other law practicing entities from the Criminal Conflict and Regional Counsel and the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program of the 8th Judicial Circuit.

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