E-Scooters Raise Traffic Safety Concerns


Students and fans are back in the swamp. They are not the only ones that have returned to Gainesville. Traffic is back as well.

In an effort to ease transportation, the city of Gainesville and the University of Florida are offering anyone age 18 years or older the opportunity to rent motorized scooters.

“We’re seeing a great deal of responsible behavior” Scott Fox, the senior director of UF Transportation and Parking Services. He believes that the technological parameters like geofencing has promoted responsible e-scooter usage.

Some predict scooter rentals will make getting around easier. But other drivers, who share the road with e-scooters, are concerned.

“As a bus driver, it’s becoming a real problem because I see scooters going down the wrong side of the roads,” said RTS bus driver John Barone. “They’re cutting off vehicles and the problem isn’t the scooters themselves. It’s the drivers.”

Local officials will monitor how e-scooters are impacting traffic safety to decide if new restrictions are needed.

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