The Lede ✓ || Season I Episode I


In this episode of The Lede Verified, we chat about anticipated Grammy performances, Kim Kardashian’s legal journey and a new attraction opening in Florida. 

The Lede Verified focuses on the news and lifestyle of verified individuals, while maintaining journalistic integrity. It evolved from Lede-ing the Day. The Lede is a product of the WUFT News – via The University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications and The Innovation News Center.

The INC is designed to allow student journalists the opportunity to create, produce and test through academia. The lede is the opening sentence or paragraph of a news article. It summarizes the most important aspects of the story. The show – The Lede – began as a solution to train journalists to produce remote content, at an elevated level. The first episode of The Lede aired May 23, 2020.

About Kalisha Whitman

Kalisha is a news manager for WUFT News and the Innovation News Center. She can be reached by calling 352-392-6397.

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