The Point, Oct. 13, 2020: Hear From The Two Candidates Running To Win Florida House District 21


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• WUFT News: Candidates For State House District 21 Seat Agree On Environment, Differ On Racial Equity Policies. “Democrat Kayser Enneking is making her second run at unseating a local Republican incumbent, this time against Chuck Clemons for the Florida House of Representatives District 21 seat. Enneking in 2018 lost a race by one point to State Sen. Keith Perry, when third-party candidate Charles Goston siphoned off about 2% of the vote.”

• NPR News: Trump Hits The Trail With Florida Rally, A Week After COVID-19 Hospital Stay. “President Trump was back on the campaign trail on Monday, telling a packed outdoor rally in Florida that he feels “powerful” after his bout with the coronavirus.”

• Palm Beach Post ($): Biden to woo Florida base after appeals to crossover voters. “With 20 days to go until votes are counted in Florida, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will appeal to a core constituency in deep blue Broward County on Tuesday.”

• Florida Politics: Ron DeSantis: Democrats are whiners, nobody’s shutting down, rioters will be jailed, media will cry. “…DeSantis offered an expression of anger and frustration that shows how completely he has changed from having strong early relationships with Democrats and journalists during his first year.”

• WCJB: Four Greek chapters disciplined for not following COVID-19 safety expectations at UF. “Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Theta Chi were put under an interim suspension, according to UF officials.”

• New York Times ($): Florida Sees Signals of a Climate-Driven Housing Crisis. “All across Florida’s low-lying areas, it’s a similar story, according to research published Monday. The authors argue that not only is climate change eroding one of the most vibrant real estate markets in the country, it has quietly been doing so for nearly a decade.”

• Forbes: Florida Continues To Lure Movers Amid The Pandemic—Which Could Help The State With Economic Rebound. “The health and financial crisis has only made it more likely the Sunshine State will profit from an array of trends impacting migration.”

• Orlando Sentinel ($): Florida Amendment 1: The citizenship voting measure that isn’t anything. “The amendment makes a small change to Florida’s Constitution. Instead of stating that ‘every citizen’ of the United States who is 18 or older and a resident of the state can vote, the document would state that ‘only a’ citizen can vote.”

• Lakeland Ledger ($): Florida citrus growers squeezed by rising production costs, lower farm prices. “The USDA’s initial estimate for this season reported Florida growers will produce just 57 million boxes of oranges, the lowest orange crop since 52.1 million boxes in the 1946-47 season.”

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• Science: Scientists Confirm Nevada Man Was Infected Twice With Coronavirus

• Politics: 3 Key States Have To Wait Until Election Day To Count Mail-In Ballots

• Politics: ‘Shameless’: Senators Still Sparring Over Timing Of Supreme Court Nomination

• Health: Despite Outbreak, Congress Takes Its Chances Without Widespread COVID-19 Testing

• Business: More Companies Are Using Technology To Monitor For Coronavirus In The Workplace

• Planet Money: Trouble On Main Street

• Race: PBS Documentary, ‘Driving While Black,’ Examines Long Road Of Racism

• National: Wisconsin Couple Finds Small Wooden Boat That Set Sail 27 Years Ago

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