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See Coverage Of Florida's 2020 Primary Election Results

Voters line up at the Coral Ridge Mall, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016, at polling stations in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (Joe Cavaretta/South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP)
Voters line up at the Coral Ridge Mall, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016, at polling stations in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (Joe Cavaretta/South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP)

See our complete coverage below or use this index to jump to recaps of the races you care most about.

Florida's 3rd Congressional DistrictState HouseState Senate District 5
Alachua CountyBradford CountyCitrus County
Columbia CountyDixie CountyGilchrist County
Levy CountyMarion CountyPutnam County
Suwannee CountyUnion County


  • All results are unofficial until county-level canvassing boards certify votes later this month. The vote totals and percentages below may also shift slightly until that time.
  • Winners, when known, are bolded.

Florida's 3rd Congressional District

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Adam Christensen21,00334.49%$31,240.74$17,452.59
Philip Dodds19,67032.3%$59,124.8121,163.36
Tom Wells20,23133.22%$21,226.10$19,495.32


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Kat Cammack21,57325.22%$492,374.96$394,327.98
Ryan Chamberlin5,0415.89%$166,083.40$124,579.42
Todd Chase8,1039.47%$355,484.24$244,786.19
Bill Engelbrecht1,9952.33%$68,530$31,742.28
Joe Millado1,1551.35%$15,967.25$19,808.29
Gavin Rollins13,06115.27%$179,907.20$131,998.74
Judson Sapp17,12820.02%$770,019.01$574,879.74
James St. George12,08714.13%$921,794.97$643,232.64
David Theus1,8642.18%$16,322.11$15,943.43
Amy Pope Wells3,5444.14%$217,085.90$87,968.54

Republican Neal Dunn won his primary unopposed in District 2 (which covers much of the Panhandle and parts or all of Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist, Levy, Marion, and Suwannee counties) and in November will face two write-in candidates, Kim O'Connor and Kristy Thripp.

Florida State House

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Yvonne Hayes Hinson16,11960.14%$25,945.44$22,061.13
Rodney Long10,68439.86%$34,889.81$32,291.47


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Joe Harding14,59670.02%$164,143.05$174,494.87
Russ Randall6,24829.98%$115,110.11$101,591.94

The winner faces Democrat Barbara Byram in November. She has raised $6,119.88 and spent $2,071.91.

Florida State Senate District 5

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Jennifer Bradley47,39159%$506,295$348,027.36
Jason Holifield32,93841%$15,143.30$100,115.98

The winner faces Democrat Melina Rayna Barratt in November. She has raised $5,273.81 and spent $4,151.39.

Alachua County

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Mary Alford24,73765.77%$25,905.35$23,222.53
Mike Byerly12,87434.23%$14,975$15,304.80

Alford will in November face Republican Raemi Eagle-Glenn ($14,117.75 raised, $8,465.46 spent) and write-in candidate Randolph Kaufman (no money raised or spent). Alford thanked Byerly for running a good race and said residents of Alachua County are ready for something new, citing the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage.

"I think it's the year of the woman. I think people were ready for change, and I was lucky enough to be part of that movement," she said.

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Anna Prizzia18,40249.12%$40,961.88$37,276.04
Jason Stanford5,22813.96%$12,840.30$10,904.68
Kevin Thorpe13,83236.92%$72,649$43,107.55

The winner will in November face Republican Joy Glanzer, who has raised $7,105 and spent $6,547.38.

Prizzia is currently the director of the Field & Fork program at the University of Florida.

"I've been in our community for decades, and it's exciting to take that work and all that I've learned and be able to potentially take that work to the next level," she said.

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Khanh-Lien Banko27,43447.64%$71,017.56$58,046.49
Diyonne McGraw30,15152.36%$177,381.42$169,533.07

McGraw said there are many things she would like to implement right away.

“I’ve already written my first 100 days in office. Right away put together a reading and comprehension skills task force. We must begin early. We have to close this achievement gap, that is number one."

McGraw in taking over from the retiring Eileen Roy will become the third African American woman currently on the Alachua County School Board, along with Tina Certain and Leanetta McNealy.

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Sande Calkins22,16838.94%$13,564.30$12,933.65
Leanetta McNealy34,76261.06%$22,849.20$19,535.96

McNealy said she is excited to continue to serve in the District 4 seat.

“I’m an incumbent," McNealy said, "so it's not like this is my first rodeo. I've been on the board since 2012, so one of the top priorities would definitely be closing the gap between our white and our black students.”

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Matt Geiger10,10027.04%$68,314.34$65,216.25
Susan McQuillan2,3206.21%$47,741.40$42,612.20
Wendy Sapp4,85813.01%$25,891.49$20,730.70
Ayesha Solomon18,20748.75%$15,089.20$13,012.41
Kelly Suggs1,8654.99%$15,394.80$14,576.65


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Sadie Darnell15,78840.69%$49,515$43,885.09
Clovis Watson Jr.23,01759.31%$89,657.20$83,621.65

Incumbent Darnell had served in the position since 2006. Watson Jr. faces a write-in challenger in November, but is poised to become Alachua County’s first African American sheriff.

"I have a responsibility and an obligation to do good and move this position forward," he said, "with a level of professionalism and stewardship that will honor the legacy of those who came before me to make this first possible."

Bradford County

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Sim Crum11421.88%$1,835$1,913.80
James "Bat" McNeal19136.66%$500$483.60
Carolyn Spooner21641.46%$1,050$885.93

The winner will in November face Republican Robby Stokley, who has raised $350 and spent less than $10.

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Diane Andrews38238.01%$7,250$6,731.43
Frank Durrance (incumbent)34834.63%$2,050$1,805.82
Glenn Ritch Sr.27527.36%$1,100$1,284.23

The winner will in November face no-party affiliate candidate Carol Mosley, who has raised $1,380 and spent $280.

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Vivian Chappell83546.36%$100$545.55
Candace Osteen96653.64%$5,400$5,369.67


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Glen Gnann2,04128.04%$9,980$8,542.01
Gordon Smith (incumbent)5,23971.96%$25,516$18,408.28


Citrus County

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Thomas J. Corkery1,9274.87%$7,000$4,947.40
Ruthie Davis Schlabach19,43649.12%$90,052.45$64,794.65
Mark S Hammer6,05115.29%$14,103.27$12,846.56
Angel Starr Lewis5,71214.43%$3,846$3,791
Luis Marin4,98712.60%$36,044$29,454.25
Edwin Lewis Roberts1,4583.68%$7,000$4,911.80


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Holly Leigh Davis25,66563.58%$72,240$58,495.04
Jimmie T. Smith14,70236.42%$47,561.91$33,091.83


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Virginia G. Bryant19,68149.58%$14,590$13,347.44
Danielle Damato Doty12,36031.14%$32,058$31,810.73
Mark Dale Garlock7,65419.28%$1,990.20$1,953.43

This race will likely go to a runoff in November since Bryant is short of the 50% victory margin.

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Cregg Dalton8,23234.07%$48,285$44,522
David Gregory3,36413.92%$390$257.85
Timothy M Reynard7,67631.77%$17,400$16,276.99
Rob Tessmer4,88820.23%$31,785$23,799.50

The winner will in November face non-party affiliate Rick Schroeder, who has raised $1,350 and spent $1,361.88.

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Patrick A Crippen4,13516.21%$51,750.40$47,608.93
Mel Eakley7,19028.18%$71,866$69,724.77
Michael Klyap Jr8373.28%$27,828.12$24,707.16
Michael Prendergast13,35052.33%$144,286$74,243.99

The winner will in November face non-party affiliate Lee Alexander, who has raised $12,565 and spent $11,909.67.

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Scott Allen Adams11,45428.13%$41,400$34,o56.17
Maureen "Mo" Baird29,25971.87%$26,399.27$21,082.89


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Sam Himmel30,36774.91%$35,870$34,490.36
Paul John Reinhardt10,17125.09%$2,800$1,353.82


Columbia County

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Kyle M. Green90438.42%$2,806.85$2,687.95
Ron Williams1,44961.58%$9,499$9,323.31


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Robbie Hollingsworth1,17334.36%$11,790$9,178.23
Charles Keith71620.97%$11,925$8,644.53
Bucky Nash1,11432.63%$8,264.15$8,085.51
Jeffery Tyre41112.04%$2,450$2,380.76


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Brandon Beil1,23645.27%$11,951.20$11,214.90
Tim Murphy1,49454.73%$7,0001$5,723.43



NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Keith Hudson1,45066.48%$4,850$4,352.70
Michael Jenkins73133.52%$2,650.01$2,620.43



NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Kyle Keen4,89259.66%$40,765$34,757.62
Marsha Moore1,50518.35%$18,700$16,857.32
Amy Overstreet1,80321.99%$28,635$21,670.01

The winner will in November face Libertarian Party candidate Davie Parrish, who has raised $1,780.69 and spent $1,615.79.


Dixie County

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Crystal Bush82222.17%$100$20.70
Cheryl Pridgeon1,67745.24%$3,500$2,913.41
Samantha Sanders1,20832.59%$9,250$9,180.96


Gilchrist County

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Ronda Adkins1,37329.77%$3,000$2,731.16
Cheri Brodeur66214.35%$330$291.75
James Surrency2,24048.57%$20,650$17,544.26
Kevin Whitaker3377.31%$1,300$767.49


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Michael McElroy2,73159.01%$9,550$8,926.38
Terry Trail1,89740.99%$13,985$13,768.90


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Joseph Daniel Hart1,69137.36%$7,625$6,984.37
Darrell Smith2,83562.64%$4,600$4,107.84


Levy County

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Darby Allen4,27646.26%$5,920$5,848.66
Tammy Boyle4,96753.74%$12,000$9,293.39


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Chris Cowart3,93163%$7,050$7,044.76
Jeff Edison2,30937%$13,540.83$13,532.28

The winner will in November face no-party affiliate candidate Jerry Lawrence, who has raised $5,965 and spent about $3,400.

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Michele Langford5,80062.73%$11,850$16,942.92
Sabrina Sheppard3,44637.27%$9,850$9,894.39


Marion County

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Mike Behar18,40129.22%$19,775$19,706.71
Craig Curry31,74650.42%$146,410$128,544.15
Michael Saxe12,82120.36%$23,634.67$22,064.83


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Bobby Dobkowski9,95927.08%$11,267.40$11,241.31
Jeff Gold26,81672.92%$48,025$42,809.39


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Shelia Arnett15,04223.02%$9,023.77$1,555.51
Allison Campbell23,62936.16%$25,990$25,595.81
Lori Conrad26,66740.81%$23,846.59$17,326.12


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Jimmy Cowan17,27646.15%$55,861.62$53,172.14
David Moore10,91429.15%$60,191.60$60,105.77
Neil Nikkinen9,24824.70%$44,127$37,485.97


Putnam County

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
George Burden54,28029.05%$69,950$79,645.61
Anne Marie Gennusa60,80432.54%$39,010.18$49,189.44
Matt Metz71,79538.42%$37,707.27$51,806.45


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Willie Jones73341.96%$5,030.83$3,552.87
Allegra Kitchens36120.66%$1,700$1,271.20
David Parsons65337.38%$5,735$4,644.06


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Rhonda Drackett1,63818.44%$7,293.90$5,520.62
Larry Masters2,85332.11%$6,525$5,056.69
Terry Turner4,39349.45%$26,175$15,582.18


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Paul Adamczyk2,68530.01%$20,041$17,479.78
Michael Barican1,41715.84%$10,190$9,114.74
Buddy Goddard2,60229.09%$11,035$7,531.67
Walton Pellicer2,24225.06%$10,785.40$10,044.53


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Kenny Downs4,44632.30%$46,805$46,042.81
Douglas McClure2,69619.59%$9,578.50$6,868.04
Matt Reynolds6,62248.11%$53,870$43,983.17


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Freddy Garrett3,20723.22%$11,510$7,752.47
Tim Parker10,60376.78%$24,030$14,580.54

Suwannee County

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Brooks Carroll62626.06%$3,000$2,454.20
Don Hale, Jr.1,77673.94%$4,985$4,539.17


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Cricinda (Cinda) Foster30012.63%$725$702.39
Steven Daniel Kirby75931.96%$3,752.08$3,712.36
Travis Land1,31655.41%$8,100$7,836.67


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Ronnie Richardson80738.45%$9,635$7,961.68
Franklin White1,29261.55%$13,258.34$13,044.63


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Catherine Cason1810%$2,560$2,556.68
Jackie Cherry1080%$1,746.40$1,739.92
Norman Crawford2000%$1,886.83$1,857.41
Monica L Ford-Davis24833.65%$4,205$3,701.80


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Richard Lee (Ricky) Gamble4,65746.95%$36,185$34,092.63
BeBe Roberson2,08621.03%$32,315$31,313.40
Wade Dillon Thomas3,17732.03%$51,310$50,991.53


Union County

NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Wayne Cox8512.16%$100$65
Ryan Perez43562.33%$2,350$2,217.25
Kimberly J. Shatto17925.61%$2,250$2,189.28


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Rebekah Elixson12627.21%$1,500$1,091
Russell Gordon33772.79%$900$769.03


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Sondra Hunt34532%$600$2,249.92
Becky Raulerson73368%$2,850$2,623.70


NameVotesPercentageMoney raisedMoney spent
Kellie Hendricks Connell2,09460.05%$24,550$6,764.97
Regina Parrish1,39339.95%$31,500$30,173.01


Ethan Budowsky, Melissa Feito, Taylor Levesque, and Anthony Montalto contributed reporting.

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Ethan is the Managing Editor in the Innovation News Center, home to WUFT News.He is a Pennsylvania native who found a home reporting Florida's stories. Reach him by emailing emagoc@wuft.org or calling 352-294-1525.